Transformative peace: a proposal for Colombia

Structural issues are crucial.
The construction of transformative peace implies an active, living process which seeks the transformation of the models which violate the Rights of the Peoples.
Peace is a process. It allows the whole society to debate buen vivir (wellbeing); use and access to land; the issue of natural resources, justice and equality, and participative forms of government.

It is necessary to have a short, medium and long term plan which includes:

– The demilitarisation of Colombian territories

– Construction of alternative development plans

– Strengthening of communities’ ‘dignified life plans’ via non-violent strategies
– Participative action of the Colombian people including peaceful actions and mobilisations, people’s forums, popular education

– Addressing the historical demands of the social movement
– Hearing the voice of the victims of the armed and social conflict to ensure truth, justice and comprehensive reparation.

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